Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. Workspace


Welcome to the Kavi® Workspace, a virtual collaboration environment for the Aerospace Industries Association's National Aerospace Standards program. The Workspace is provided to support all AIA National Aerospace Standards activities with a set of electronic functionalities, including online balloting tools, a document repository as well as scheduling and reporting capabilities.

Since 1938, the AIA NASC, a technical group representing aerospace manufacturers, has been responsible for the development, maintenance and promotion of National Aerospace Standards in aerospace and many other industries. The purpose of AIA standardization activities is to respond to user-defined requirements of the industry and its customers. The NASC also reviews and prepares comments on similar Government part standards and specifications. NAS-designed products include high strength, precision fasteners, electrical connectors, splices and terminators and many other types of hardware and components.

National Aerospace Standards are developed in accordance with Guidelines for Council and Committee Activities of the Aerospace Industries Association of America, Inc. (AIA). The collaborative areas of the Workspace guarantee strict adherence to established standards development processes and procedures. 

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